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Career Management

There is the double-management system that you will beneficiate from throughout your Career at BELGATECH:


Career Manager (CM)

The CM is the Manager by Belgatech who will follow your Career Evolution and make possible that you grow up from a technical & managerial point of view. This CM will be also your point of contact within Belgatech for every administrative issue.
You will work with him side by side in order to achieve your professional goals.


Project Manager (PM)

The PM is the Manager by Belgatech who will follow you regularly on site by our customer during your mission.
He is responsible for all matters related to your consultancy work and will assume the commercial relationship with the customer.

Belgatech is committed to helping you achieve your potential. The above-described management system will enable us to determine together the Career Evolution which will drive you as far as you want to go.




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