Consultant’s Chart

This Chart has to be seen by our Consultants as a way to improve and grow up over their career, and by our Customers as a quality label regarding Belgatech’s services:


1/ Ethical guideline for Belgatech’s Consultants

Belgatech Consultants, both individually and as a group, are being followed regarding their conduct, since they represent the technical experts.

Within this context, it is advisable for BELGATECH to consider the ethical accountability of its Consultants’ professional activities.

Belgatech wishes to testify to its awareness of the role and responsibility of its Consultants in our society. It invites its Consultants to consider the ethics of their own actions every day.

This document represents a code of conduct. Belgatech asks its Consultants to take on their responsibility. The text has been composed around a set of ideals. The goal consists in translating them in good conscience to actual real-life situations. By testifying realistically to a number of ideals, Belgatech wishes to stress its belief in the value of ethical conduct whilst expressing understanding for situations where Consultants are obliged to choose “the lesser evil”…

By necessity, a document such as this must remain fairly general. It is impossible to draw up a complete and concrete survey of all the situations Belgatech’s Consultants may be confronted with. Besides, the diversity of actual missions in which Consultants are active is enormously wide. It will remain up to every Consultant to interpret these guidelines to their individual situations. Belgatech wishes that this can occur in Consultation with colleagues, other co-workers and parties involved.

2/ Science, technology and society

The judicious application of science and technology helps to ensure our company’s survival and to improve its employees’ quality of life. By participating in this effort, Belgatech’s Consultants render a service to their fellow men.

In this role, Belgatech’s Consultants design, manufacture or operate products, processes and systems, infrastructures, buildings and industrial plants. To this end, they continually qualify themselves in the developments and applications of science and technology. They may act as Consultants or Tutors in this capacity, or hold an executive position. They perform these tasks with the necessary team spirit and sociable behaviour.

3/ Social Media & online engagement

With the rise of new communication tools and social media, BELGATECH’s internal and external communication is evolving towards new challenges. While this creates new opportunities, it also creates new responsibilities for BELGATECH’s Consultants, using social media as well as networking websites, blogs and any other Internet-based tools for sharing and discussing information, for both professional and personal use :

  • Use of Internet at work: BELGATECH’s Consultants do not use of Internet and social media for non-business purposes during working hours.
  • Professional confidentiality and right of retention: BELGATECH’s Consultants do not disclose with Internet postings any information that is confidential or proprietary to the company or to any third party that has disclosed information to the company.
  • Authorizations: Unless previously given permission, BELGATECH’s Consultants do not speak nor post information on behalf of the company.
  • Transparency: BELGATECH’s Consultants clearly identify themselves as employees of BELGATECH if they comment on any aspect of the company’s business.
  • Accountability: BELGATECH’s Consultants are responsible for what they post online, during as well as outside working hours.
  • Legal matters: Internet postings of BELGATECH’s Consultants respect copyright, privacy, fair use, financial disclosure, and other applicable laws.
  • Company’s rights: BELGATECH reserves the right to ask for avoiding certain topics, withdraw certain posts and remove inappropriate comments.
  • Disciplinary measures: BELGATECH’s Consultants can be appropriately disciplined and/or sued by the company for commentary, content, videos, or images that are defamatory, denigrating, pornographic, proprietary, harassing, libelous, or more generally that can create a hostile work environment.


4/ Responsibility

Belgatech Consultants, both individually and as a group, are being followed regarding their conduct, since they represents the technical experts. During the course of their duties, Belgatech’s Consultants take full responsibility for their personal decisions – as an individual, in a group, as members of a professional team and as members of society.

5/ Integrity

Belgatech Consultants, both individually and as a group, are being followed regarding their conduct, since they represent the technical experts.

Belgatech’s Consultants make an honest assessment of their own talents. They shall establish loyal relationships. They report conflicts of interest to the parties involved and their hierarchy. They respect confidentiality of information, provided that this does not lead to general

6/ Openness

Belagetch Consultants are prepared to listen and can accept fair criticism of their opinions and of the techniques they employ in the course of their work. They recognise the importance of multidisciplinary co-operation and value the contributions by other professional teams.

They admit and correct their mistakes.

7/ Reasonableness

Belgatech’s Consultants are well aware of the influence exerted by their professional activities and therefore act with due caution. This means giving priority to the mental and physical integrity of all those involved and to technology on a human scale.

8/ Public-spiritedness

Technological developments emanate from the actions of the entire society. Belgatech’s Consultants actively participate in this process of raising awareness. This implies that they explain the diverse aspects of any technology or technique, that they point out the possible risks and suggest possible solutions.

Belgatech’s Consultants advocate that all social choices should be based on the most complete possible information and will voice their opinion at the opportune moment. This implies that they have the right to be heard and deserve protection if necessary.

Belgatech’s Consultants care for durability, not only with regard to their own work but also to the environment where their products end up and to the raw materials from which they were manufactured.

Belgatech’s Consultants pro-actively formulate proposals to improve the quality of standards and regulations.

They respect the different cultures to which they are exposed in the course of their working assignments. If possible, and if so desired by their environment, they will integrate themselves without however giving up their own identity.

9/ Collegiality

Belgatech’s Consultants support colleagues and co-workers in their professional development and ethical behaviour, even while maintaining a healthy form of competition in the course of their activities. They respect others’ discoveries as the latter’s intellectual property and recognise the essential value of their contributions.

Belgatech’s Consultants are aware that they belong to a profession with a specific vocation. Their loyalty and collegiality come from this conviction. They realise that they are personally responsible in upholding the reputation of Belgatech.

10/ Belgatech’s values

Over all, Belgatech’s Consultants respect the three Values mentioned below which are the pillars of Belgatech’s activity: Efficiency, 
, Solidarity

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