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April 2019 – BELGATECH on the radio!

men@workOn April 16th, BELGATECH participated in the morning show “Men @ Work” by Eric Laforge on Classic 21. The opportunity to present our company and make a playlist “made in BELGATECH”.

Thank you to the Men @ Work team! To listen to the broadcast: BELGATECH at Men@Work


May 2018 – House of HR as new business partner of BELGATECH

HoHR-smallBELGATECH is very pleased and honored to introduce « the House of HR » (HoHR) as new partner of our Company!

After a 10-year-period of growth, it is now time to write the next story of BELGATECH.

We are all strongly motivated in setting-up new perspectives and building a new adventure together.

As a very successful Belgian hub of entrepreneurs, HoHR (https://www.houseofhr.com/) will bring its experience and power to support our growth and give new opportunities to everyone.

HoHR will work with us as a back-office partner which means that nothing changes for our Staff and Customers on a daily basis. More technical & commercial partnerships with engineering specialists like Abylsen, more project opportunities including workpackage offers, more trainings, more competitive power (especially in Flanders) will be added to our already existing skills.

Combining our corporate DNA and the expertise of HoHR is a great possibility of creating more added value for both our Employees and Customers.


Photo 3


January 2018 – Antibiotic Guardian

Antibiotic Guardian

As a responsible company active in the pharmaceutical sector, BELGATECH has joined the community of “Antibiotic Guardians” and is committed to raising the awareness of the Society (its Employees, Partners, Consumers) to the responsible and sustainable use of antibiotics.

This action, supported by Public Health England, seems us to be relevant. Indeed antibiotic resistance is becoming a public health issue. Without effective antibiotics, many routine treatments will lead to an ever greater danger: reduction of bone fractures, practice of basic operations, chemotherapy and even animal health; all depends on access to antibiotics that work effectively…

It is therefore crucial, all together, to reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

You too, just like BELGATECH, commit yourself:  become “Antibiotic Guardian”!

Follow the link: http://antibioticguardian.com/

Antibiotic Guardian_Certificate


January 2018 – Sponsoring

In 2018 BELGATECH decided to support the Cliniclowns association by buying their greeting cards.

Cliniclowns helps to improve the daily life of hospitalised children in Belgium with several clowns who offer them entertainment.

If you want to know more or donate you can go on their website: http://www.cliniclowns.be/

May 2018 bring you health and happiness!



May 2017 – Project

BELGATECH Engineering Services recently won a project to create and edit a Request for Proposal for a large steel company. Our team is currently in full action taking measurements for the deconstruction and rebuilding of one of the factory’s footbridges. In the montage below you can find an impression of our team’s field study in preparation of composing the project’s technical specifications. We are proud to actively contribute to our client’s safety and thus a better working environment.


January 2017 – Sponsoring

It has become a tradition for BELGATECH to send out our season’s greetings cards funding a specific charity.

While last year our Christmas solidarity supported the Abbé Pierre Foundation, we now ordered our greetings cards from the Muco Association.

Mucoviscidosis, also known as cystic fibrosis, is one of the most recurring and life-threatening lung diseases in Belgium.

With our financial support, the Muco Assocation will fund scientific research and offer guidance to patients and their families.

We hope our action has made a difference to patients and families affected by this illness.


For those who would also like to fund the Muco Association, you can donate via their website:



BELGATECH wishes you a healthy and successful year 2017!


August 2016 – Selective sorting

On August 1st, BELGATECH implemented a new selective sorting system in collaboration with the Woluwe Gate property management. Our employees were provided with new sorting items which will enable us to recycle in a more efficient way. Being an acknowledged Ecodynamic company, BELGATECH is pleased to undertake new actions that care about the environment.


June 2016 – Ecodyn Ceremony

On Wednesday June 22nd 2016, BELGATECH Engineering Services was rewarded with a second star of the Ecodyn label. Like ISO 14001 and EMAS, the Ecodyn label is an ecological management certification. It is granted by Bruxelles Environnement to companies located in Brussels, taking initiative to function more ecologically. Our internal team collaborated and brainstormed with the Bruxelles Environnement eco advisor and figured out new initiatives for BELGATECH and its employees to reduce its carbon footprint and create a larger sense of ecological awareness within the company.

The 2 stars Ecodyn label is awarded to BELGATECH for the next 3 years!


January 2016 – Sponsoring

This year, BELGATECH chose to support the Abbé Pierre Foundation by buying its New Year cards.

The Abbé Pierre foundation struggles for the right to a roof for those who cannot afford it. The regional Agencies of the Foundation bring support to local activists who seek to offer affordable housing to the vast majority. Expertise, financial support, help in logistics are all levers that the Foundation activates as soon as the need to provide a roof to those who cannot afford it arises.


By choosing its New Year Cards, BELGATECH contributes in financing the actions of the foundation.

You can visit the website of the foundation for more information on its activities: http://www.fondation-abbe-pierre.fr/en

Happy New Year!


November 2015 – Film

In November 2015, we are pleased to announce the preview of the movie “En mai fais ce qu’il te plait” which takes place in one of the most famous cinemas in Brussels.

BELGATECH modestly helped in financing this historical tragedy performed by actors Laurent Gerra, Olivier Gourmey, Mathilde Seigner…

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