May 2019 – The future of recruitment


earth-11015_640In a context where talent is becoming increasingly mobile and internationally oriented, BELGATECH has resolutely taken the initiative to recruit on a global scale:

  • Sourcing new talents all over the world,
  • Use of new technologies to facilitate recruitment processes,
  • Internal administrative team dedicated to the mobility of candidates to Belgium.

Result: a BELGATECH workforce made up of technical experts from a dozen different countries to offer the best possible skills to our Industrial Customers.

We take this opportunity to echo a study carried out last year by StepStone and BCG which fed the BELGATECH international recruitment strategy. The attractiveness of Belgium and especially of Brussels (where our head offices are located) is in there well highlighted.

According to this study (source: 2018 BCG / The Network web survey & analysis), Belgium climbed in 4 years from 17th to 14th world ranking of the best countries to work in. The popularity of Brussels is even more significant: by gaining 8 places, the Belgian capital has joined the top20 most attractive cities in terms of employment around the world.

This recruitment strategy must also take into account BELGATECH’s offer in order to put it, as much as possible, in line with the real aspirations of the talents. The good mix between: good relationship with colleagues, good job-life balance, interesting job content, good relationship with superior, learning & skills training, appreciation for work, financial compensation, job security, company values and financial stability of BELGATECH.

To all talents with proven experience and strong technical skills, join us!

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