May 2014 – Visit

Together with FRATECH’s management head, the CEO of BELGATECH visited the brand new football stadium of Lille which is located in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, just 1 km away from FRATECH’s offices.

This visit has been gently organized by the French-Belgian Chamber of Commerce for leading managers of companies having interests both in the North of France region and in Belgium.

Very impressive to walk on the field of such a huge empty stadium (50.000 seats) where the LOSC Football Club will play the Champions League next year!




May 2014 – 20km de Bruxelles/door Brussel

A delegation of BELGATECH took part in the 35th edition of the 20km de Bruxelles/door Brussel race. They managed to achieve this challenge in at least 1h45!

We warmly congratulate them for their efforts and combativeness!




May 2014 – Press

The Belgian magazine EngineeringNet is one of the most famous magazines related to the technical and technological topics.

News, stories and innovations are covered each month all around Belgium.

The complementary magazine Vacatech is also enclosed, and specifically deals with engineering jobs.

It gives information about different sectors and growing markets, concerning international companies as well as SMEs.

In its edition of May 2014, BELGATECH, as a dynamic actor of the Engineering Consultancy, tells more about  its vision and development.

Both co-founders reports in Dutch & French on one of the core-businesses of the company: selection, validation, recruitment, talent management and career evolution of its technical teams.




April 2014 – Preview

BELGATECH employees had the special occasion to enjoy the preview of Reasonable doubt at Kinepolis Brussels!

A Canadian thriller directed by Peter Howitt.

The evening was perfect but Samuel L. Jackson finally did not come himself to introduce the movie and to explain us why he unusually accepted to act the bad guy!



March 2014 – Press

In its edition of February/March 2014, the French Reflets magazine published a special report related to the economy of the Nord-Pas-De-Calais region (France).

FRATECH is mentioned as a dynamic newcomer… More specifically, FRATECH co-founders have been interviewed to highlight some industrial and economical specificities of Nord-Pas-De-Calais.



March 2014 – Awards ceremonies

On March 19th and 20th, a delegation of BELGATECH has been invited to the national awards ceremonies “Les Gazelles” and “De Gazellen” in Brussels.

During these two evenings, BELGATECH has been handed over the two national prizes as the fastest growing Small Enterprise in Belgium between 2008 and 2012.


  Trends Gazellen ceremony – March 19th

Trends Gazelles ceremony – March 20th



March 2014 – Contests “Les Gazelles”/”De Gazellen”

In the editions of the March 6th FRNL and the March 20th, the national economic magazines Trends and Trends tendances dedicate articles to BELGATECH as laureate from the contests “Les Gazelles” and “De Gazellen” in the category Small Enterprises. Through these awards, BELGATECH is today considered as one of the fastest growing companies in Belgium. BELGATECH belongs also now to the Trends Gazelles Ambassadors for the next 3 years!


March 2014 – Press release

Brussels, March 7th 2014


BELGATECH Engineering Services, active in the field of engineering consultancy, is pleased to inform you that the company has just been awarded as the:

Trends Gazelle of the year 2014 for Belgium

(Brussels/Wallonia + Brussels/Flanders)

Trends Gazelle “Ambassador” for the next three years

These awards are based on the significant growth of BELGATECH during the period 2008-2012.

Since its creation, BELGATECH has reached the status of major player on the Belgian market, by creating more than 140 jobs on internal payroll.

BELGATECH supports SMEs and large companies on various technical projects such as R&D until industrialization processes. As a generalist partner, the teams are involved on multi-skills and multi-sectors.

This award also underlines the reliability and dynamism of our company.


BELGATECH warmly thanks the internal staff for its commitment, the Consultants for their input & added-value on the technical projects, and all the partners and suppliers that make the BELGATECH history possible.


While developing new projects in Belgium, BELGATECH is actively preparing local support on the Brussels – Lille – Paris axis. While maintaining a constant flexibility and reactivity, several entities of our customers will soon be covered by a local sister-company of BELGATECH called FRATECH.


BELGATECH Engineering Services is proud to work on a daily basis upon its three key values: Efficiency, Commitment and Solidarity.


P.S.1: Trends Gazelles logo used with the gentle agreement of the Trends redaction.

P.S.2: Source of the information :



February 2014 – Pharmapack Trade Fair

The Pharmapack Europe has been held for the first time at Paris Expo.

Mr. Enguerrand FABRE, President of FRATECH RP, represented BELGATECH & FRATECH there.

He participated in Pharmapack by initiating partnerships with some of the 330 international suppliers of the pharma industry involved in this trade show.

The technical symposium about serialisation was particularly interesting, considering BELGATECH is currently consulted on this touchy topic by one of the worldwide pharma key player!



December 2013 – Sponsoring

This year, BELGATECH chose to buy the new year cards of the Handicap International Association.

Handicap International helps to prevent and limit the impact of disabilities, by offering assistance to people with disabilities & those at risk of disability and supporting them in their efforts towards autonomy & social integration.


For every card bought, Handicap International will receive money to finance its projects.

We do hope this can modestly contribute to better life conditions of handicapped persons in 2014.

Happy New Year!


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