May 2018 – Congratulations to the 5 BELGATECH runners!

On May 27th took place the famous running race “20 km of Brussels”. Some 40,000 people have embarked on the starting line, including our 5 BELGATECH athletes who did great performances:

Franck D.: 1h46
Pierre G.: 1h53
Frédéric M.: 1h59
Benoît F.: 2h43
Marine L.: 2h51

Congratulations to them for taking up the challenge and thank you to the colleagues who came to support them!



May 2018 – House of HR as new business partner of BELGATECH

HoHR-smallBELGATECH is very pleased and honored to introduce « the House of HR » (HoHR) as new partner of our Company!

After a 10-year-period of growth, it is now time to write the next story of BELGATECH.

We are all strongly motivated in setting-up new perspectives and building a new adventure together.

As a very successful Belgian hub of entrepreneurs, HoHR ( will bring its experience and power to support our growth and give new opportunities to everyone.

HoHR will work with us as a back-office partner which means that nothing changes for our Staff and Customers on a daily basis. More technical & commercial partnerships with engineering specialists like Abylsen, more project opportunities including workpackage offers, more trainings, more competitive power (especially in Flanders) will be added to our already existing skills.

Combining our corporate DNA and the expertise of HoHR is a great possibility of creating more added value for both our Employees and Customers.


Photo 3


March 2018 – Tram Museum Event

Our last event took place at the Tram Museum in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. A choice motivated by the activity of BELGATECH in the railway sector but also by the proximity of the museum. Two volunteer and passionate guides commented on a selection of Belgian trams, ancestors from the end of the 19th century to the current models.

An interesting dive in the history of railway technology that ended with a drink in the offices of BELGATECH. A friendly moment to share the impressions of everyone on the visit but also to get to know the newcomers at BELGATECH and, for some, to be photographed for our future Wall!

Thank you all for your presence and see you in June for our next event!



February 2018 – FOREM “Polygone de l’eau” Expo Conference

Anita P., BELGATECH Consultant in Water Treatment and Environment, took part in the FOREM “Polygone de l’eau” expo conference. The event, organized by the SWDE (Société Wallonne Des Eaux), allowed our Consultant to learn about innovations and future developments in her area of ​​expertise: the place of water in Smart Cities projects, the use of advanced technologies such as drones or 3D scanners to perform 3D models of structures, or the regulations concerning the safety of materials in contact with drinking water.

In addition to the lectures and technical presentations, a visit to the SWDE didactic network was organized. The opportunity to discover, among others, their premises for training of apprentices, companies, etc.

The expo conference brought together Belgium’s main players in the water business such as SWDE, SPGE, CILE, AIDE, Saint Gobain PAM, who unveiled their investment plans for the years to come.

A great opportunity for Anita to continue to train and keep abreast of the latest technical trends and developments in the water field at home in Belgium!



January 2018 – Rise Innovative Starters

logo RiseBELGATECH attended the event organized by Innoviris (Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation) as part of the Rise-Innovative Starters call for projects which rewarded the most innovative Brussels companies in 2017.

BELGATECH is aware of the increasing importance given to innovation by its Clients and wishes to offer them, in the near future, tailor-made solutions in artificial intelligence.

Several tracks have already been explored by the BELGATECH teams, one of which will aim to avoid the harmful consequences (economic, security, human, legal, etc.) that result from poor management of critical documents.

This software solution will ultimately reduce the likelihood of slowdowns or shutdowns, prevent risks to the  osafetyf people / populations / the environment, help prevent accidents…



January 2018 – Antibiotic Guardian

Antibiotic Guardian

As a responsible company active in the pharmaceutical sector, BELGATECH has joined the community of “Antibiotic Guardians” and is committed to raising the awareness of the Society (its Employees, Partners, Consumers) to the responsible and sustainable use of antibiotics.

This action, supported by Public Health England, seems us to be relevant. Indeed antibiotic resistance is becoming a public health issue. Without effective antibiotics, many routine treatments will lead to an ever greater danger: reduction of bone fractures, practice of basic operations, chemotherapy and even animal health; all depends on access to antibiotics that work effectively…

It is therefore crucial, all together, to reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

You too, just like BELGATECH, commit yourself:  become “Antibiotic Guardian”!

Follow the link:

Antibiotic Guardian_Certificate


January 2018 – Brussels Motor Show

salon auto

On 16th January, a BELGATECH delegation attended the 96th edition of the Brussels Motor Show to meet its Customers (manufacturer & OEM), Suppliers and Partners, as well as to keep informed of the latest advances and technological trends of the sector (green mobility, electric vehicles, hybrids, CNG, connected…).

Also the perfect moment to negotiate good deals for 2018 from the very beginning of the year!

Note the latest trends in urban mobility, micro mobility and shared mobility that will occupy a complete exhibition hall during the last 4 days of the Show…

January was therefore an Automotive oriented month at BELGATECH since our last “Technical Evening” focused on the technical and ecological aspects of electric vehicles.



January 2018 – BELGATECH’s 10-year anniversary

Exterieur WG_nuit

In 2018, BELGATECH celebrates its 10th anniversary! The opportunity to have a look at the elements that have contributed to our success since 2008:

  • 10 years of activity
  • 100% organic growth
  • 1 recognized engineering expertise in life sciences, transportation and energy sectors
  • 1 efficient support on all phases of a project: from the study phase to the final phases of industrialization
  • 950 missions successfully accomplished with our Clients
  • 14 countries of intervention on 3 continents
  • 150 clients, major international groups, specialized SMEs and institutional players
  • 100 Consultants benefiting from a personalized follow-up and a flexible and tailor-made career plan
  • 12 nationalities
  • 85% of engineers
  • 30 new Colleagues in 2017
  • 50 new Colleagues to find in 2018!
  • 36 years of average age
  • 11,760,000 km traveled or going 294 times around Earth…
  • 16 annual events organized for the entire team
  • 2,200 meals shared between Colleagues
  • 1 ton of laughter every day!


Have a look at our Corporate video!


January 2018 – Sponsoring

In 2018 BELGATECH decided to support the Cliniclowns association by buying their greeting cards.

Cliniclowns helps to improve the daily life of hospitalised children in Belgium with several clowns who offer them entertainment.

If you want to know more or donate you can go on their website:

May 2018 bring you health and happiness!



December 2017 – Our warmest season’s greetings from the whole BELGATECH team!

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