November 2017 – Jette jobfair

BELGATECH attended the jobfair of Jette last tuesday 28/11.


November 2017 – Arlon jobfair

In November, BELGATECH was present at the FOREM jobfair in Arlon. The opportunity to meet candidates interested in engineering.


October 2017 – Salon de l’emploi et de la création d’activités

Last October 25th, BELGATECH attended the Salon de l’emploi et de la création d’activités jobfair in Court-Saint-Etienne.


October 2017 – Drink

Some of BELGATECH colleagues met for a drink in the cosy atmosphere of the Amusoir in Waterloo. Next time it will be for the end-of-year dinner in a place still kept secret!


October 2017 – Forum ON

BELGATECH attended the Forum ON jobfair at the ULB last October 10th. We hope to welcome the students and young graduates we have met soon on our future projects!


September 2017 – Sailing on the North Sea!

In order to celebrate the end of summer, our internal staff members participated in a team-building event on the North Sea!

We enjoyed together a navigation course before embarking on a 50-feet-sailboat from Nieuwpoort for a cruise in the 20-nautical-mile-zone off the coast.

In spite of changing weather and some intimidating  waves, our skipper succeeded in leading us safe back to Nieuwpoort! As a former competitor of the Whitbread “Round the World Race” (now “Volvo Ocean Race”) we had no doubt about his skills!

The luckiest of us also were able to see some seals from the boat and also a dolphin.

Technique + Adventure + Great Atmosphere made the perfect mix for a refreshing offsite day…

Now everyone is ready for a full commitment so that the 2017/2018 season can be successful!



June 2017 – Tennis & Petanque at Club Justine Henin

On June 29th, our staff dusted off its tennis rackets and petanque gear for a friendly competition. At the Club Justine Henin (former World #1 player!) we hit and threw tennis and petanque balls in the most enjoyable atmosphere.

And of course, since no sports activity could be complete without a concluding meal, we tastefully devoured all barbecue meat before heading home.

See you on our next event!


June 2017 – Special visitor

When workspace and nature meet. BELGATECH’s office building Woluwe Gate is located at the edge of Woluwe park & Soignes Forest, the green epicenter of Brussels.

Our location sometimes leads to out-of-the-ordinary situations: this morning, for example, our employees Franck, Yoann and David found a lost visitor in the lobby and kindly led it back to its natural habitat across the street.


May 2017 – Project

BELGATECH Engineering Services recently won a project to create and edit a Request for Proposal for a large steel company. Our team is currently in full action taking measurements for the deconstruction and rebuilding of one of the factory’s footbridges. In the montage below you can find an impression of our team’s field study in preparation of composing the project’s technical specifications. We are proud to actively contribute to our client’s safety and thus a better working environment.


May 2017 – Crée Ton Futur Fair

On May 10th BELGATECH Engineering Services participated in the Woluwé-Saint-Lambert ‘Crée Ton Futur’ fair: a job fair intended for young graduates. In luck with the weather, all employers who originally had a booth inside were assigned a spot outside and so it became a ‘bel air’-job fair. We thank the organisers for the efforts they took organising this fair.

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