November 2016 – Woluwe-Saint-Lambert Job Day

On November 16th, BELGATECH participated in the Woluwé-Saint-Lambert Job Day. As last year, there was a warm welcome to all participants and visitors at the job fair. We thank all candidates and the organisation for their professionalism.


October 2016 – Retirement

Jean-Pierre, our fellow employee since several years, decided to retire in October this year.

He has proven to hold a very high embedded systems expertise on critical projects.

Everyone of us wish him the best retirement possible!


October 2016 – Visit at the Stella Artois Brewery

The centuries-old brewing tradition lives on in about 30 breweries in Flemish Brabant which together produce over 250 delicious beers… We decided to visit the pride of Belgium: the Stella Artois Brewery in Leuven.

The visitor route we discovered during the guided tour led us through the entire brewing process.

The golden lager enjoyed at the end of the tour is really carefully crafted, using only the finest ingredients and with one word in mind: Quality!

Congratulations from BELGATECH to the entire brewing team!


October 2016 – Nivelles Job Fair

BELGATECH Engineering Services participated in the 2016 Nivelles job fair.

We met some interesting applicants who may be reinforcing our internal or external staff.


August 2016 – Selective sorting

On August 1st, BELGATECH implemented a new selective sorting system in collaboration with the Woluwe Gate property management. Our employees were provided with new sorting items which will enable us to recycle in a more efficient way. Being an acknowledged Ecodynamic company, BELGATECH is pleased to undertake new actions that care about the environment.


July 2016 – The Lion’s Mound

During this summer, BELGATECH team-members had the opportunity to visit the Lion’s Mound where the famous Waterloo battle took place  in June 1815.

It is a large conical artificial hill which construction was ordered in 1820 by King William I of the Netherlands. It commemorates the location on the battlefields of Waterloo where a musket ball hit the shoulder of the Prince of Orange and knocked him from his horse during the battle.

The hill offers a vista of the battlefield, and is the anchor point of the associated museums and taverns in the surrounding Lion’s Hamlet.

This monument became a symbol of European history.

Every BELGATECH participant took up the challenge to climb the 226 steps which lead to the Lion’s statue symbolizing courage and its surrounding overlook where there are maps documenting the battle, along with observation telescopes!

The drink after the efforts at Le Bivouac de l’Empereur was obviously well deserved…


June 2016 – Ecodyn Ceremony

On Wednesday June 22nd 2016, BELGATECH Engineering Services was rewarded with a second star of the Ecodyn label. Like ISO 14001 and EMAS, the Ecodyn label is an ecological management certification. It is granted by Bruxelles Environnement to companies located in Brussels, taking initiative to function more ecologically. Our internal team collaborated and brainstormed with the Bruxelles Environnement eco advisor and figured out new initiatives for BELGATECH and its employees to reduce its carbon footprint and create a larger sense of ecological awareness within the company.

The 2 stars Ecodyn label is awarded to BELGATECH for the next 3 years!


April 2016 – Retirement

After over 40 years spent on leading various building projects over the world (Belgium, UK, Turkey, Irak, Abu Dhabi, Australia…), Jan decided to retire end of March 2016.

We are proud to have had him onboard during the last 4 years to manage one of our key project teams in Brussels.

The entire BELGATECH team wishes him a peaceful and sunny retirement between Dendermonde and Athens!


March 2016 – Visit of Living tomorrow

To begin with 2016, the BELGATECH’s employees were all invited to visit the House of the Future « Living tomorrow » based in Vilvoorde.

The guided tour enabled everyone to think about the next technologies in different fields. How these technologies will really affect our daily life? What will be the impact(s) on our way of life? Which developments should pop-up on a short-term-basis?

We are convinced that our engineers will be involved in such evolutions.

Do not hesitate to have a look on those technical evolutions, it is amazing!


January 2016 – Sponsoring

This year, BELGATECH chose to support the Abbé Pierre Foundation by buying its New Year cards.

The Abbé Pierre foundation struggles for the right to a roof for those who cannot afford it. The regional Agencies of the Foundation bring support to local activists who seek to offer affordable housing to the vast majority. Expertise, financial support, help in logistics are all levers that the Foundation activates as soon as the need to provide a roof to those who cannot afford it arises.


By choosing its New Year Cards, BELGATECH contributes in financing the actions of the foundation.

You can visit the website of the foundation for more information on its activities:

Happy New Year!

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